Unibet Sports Betting Offers

Renowned online casino operator Kindred Group is exploring the US market. Recently, Unibet Canada came to the Great White North and Canadian players are loving it for several reasons, including the Unibet sports betting offers. This means online casino games enthusiasts can also wager on their favourite teams, under one roof.

But the big question is, what games does the bookmaker offer markets on? That’s what this article explores.

1. Soccer

Football is the most popular sport in the entire world and a favourite for both bookmakers and bettors. Unibet Canada offers just as many markets as its peers, Betsson, Betfair, Bet365, and the rest. Some of the best football leagues to bet on include Major League Soccer (MLS), the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, the UEFA Champions League, and the FIFA World Cup among others.

Now, which are some of the best football markets? Players can choose outright win bets (money lines), accumulators, Asian handicap, correct score, goalscorers, over/under, half time/full time, or draw no bet, etc.

2. Basketball

This is another popular sport globally and has a fair share of fans in Canada, courtesy of the NBA. This is the most prestigious basketball league in the world and attracts the biggest stars from the US and around the world. Basketball runs throughout the year just like football, so at no time will the basketball section on Unibet Canada run dry.

Just like football, there are several Unibet basketball markets and odds, including money lines, spread betting, winning margins, or double results, etc. There are also outright markets that include championship winner, conference winner, rookie of the year, and MVP, to mention a few.

3. Tennis

This is another popular sport in Canada, and Unibet has made sure that fans can put their money on their favourite stars. While the major tournaments are short, there are lots of other tennis competitions, so players won’t lack something to bet on throughout the year.

Tennis is one of the hardest games to bet on for beginners. However, players who know the rules and regulations of the game will find nothing complicated. Understanding the tennis markets and odds is the most important thing. Some of the popular markets include outright winner, game spread, set spread, over/under, or futures, etc.

sports-offer4. Ice Hockey

This is the most popular sport in Canada. It also features in the list of games that bettors can play on Unibet Canada. The domestic leagues are the fans’ favourite. Still, there are other international leagues to bet on, including Asia League Ice Hockey, the International Ice Hockey Federation, and the Kontinental Hockey League, among others.

Ice hockey is quite similar to hockey in terms of betting. Some of the most popular odds and markets include match result, match totals, correct scores, or period betting, among others. There are also outright markets which include to win the division, to make the playoffs, to win the conference, or to win the President’s Trophy, among others.

5. Volleyball

Volleyball has been part of Canada’s sports culture for quite a long time. Fans of this team sport have events to bet on all year round. This is both in top-flight volleyball, as well as the local leagues and tournaments. It’s easier to make money betting on volleyball courtesy of some strategies that work, including “total under,” Schukin’s strategy, and final spurt, among others.

Some of the most popular odds to wager on include money lines, total sets, or handicaps, etc. Make sure to understand each bet and find out what pundits think.

The above are the most popular sports to bet on at the Unibet Casino sportsbook.

Live Betting

The Unibet Canada sportsbook also offers live betting. As the name suggests, players can bet on the different games while the match is underway. Also known as in-play betting, live betting offers faster game results, and cashouts, and above all, it’s more thrilling. Most of the games listed above have live betting.

Virtual Sports

While the above games are played in real life, there are virtual variants in the Unibet Canada virtual sports betting section. The advantage of virtual sports betting is that there’s always a list of live games to bet on, day and night.

In virtual sports, there are lots of options to explore. There’s the international football world cup, champions club cup, virtual basketball, virtual tennis, horse racing, and dog racing (greyhounds).

Understanding Sports Betting Odds

There are three odds formats on Unibet Canada. First is decimals, and as the name suggests, they are represented in decimals. Players can also go for fractional odds or American odds.

For starters, the fractional odds represent the ratio of profits won to the amount staked. Next up is decimal odds, and this is the ratio of the amount players win for every single dollar wagered. Last is American odds, which are represented with a negative or positive sign. The signs refer to the amount players have to wager to win $100, and the amount players win for every $100 stake, respectively.


Sports Betting Tips

To win in sports betting, players need to be smart. Below are some helpful tips when betting on the Unibet Canada sportsbook.

Catch Up With the Team News

Players should follow the latest happenings in the leagues they are betting on to stay abreast of each team’s performance. Many times, the favourite is beaten hands down because of aspects such as poor form and injuries.

Pundits Opinion

Follow the opinions of betting experts and renowned punters. The good thing is that Unibet shares most of the data and betting tips on the player dashboard.


That’s it, a rundown of the most popular Unibet sports betting offers. When betting, make sure to check out the predictions from different pundits, and team stats. Bettors can also follow the matches right from the Unibet Canada dashboard.

For mobile gaming, consider downloading the Unibet Canada sportsbook app for on-the-go sports betting and virtual sports betting. For players in the hunt for the best online casino sportsbook in Canada, Unibet is the best bang for the buck.